A Dog Based RP taking place in the Caribbeans on the island known as Dominica.
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Our Mission and reason for creating this site is to give people a fun and interesting place to RP as well as a place to get away from IRL problems. 


•Provide a fun and exciting environment.

•Have constants RP Plots in play.

•Provide a friendly atmosphere for the members of the site.

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Name: Max
Name Meaning/Origin:
Age: 4years old
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Max has a muscular, massive build, including a deep broad chest with a broad head and rounded forehead. He has a wide black nose and almond shaped eyes and triangular ears. His coat is a thick, short black with rust to mahogany markings on his cheeks, muzzle, paws, chest and legs(less broad then his brothers)
Breed of Dog: Rottweiler
Pack (Loner, Rogue): the Pack
Rank: Fighter
Mate: none
Offspring: none
Parents: dead
Personality: Shadow is a dog of silence. Despite his vicious appearance, Shadow is a gentle soul, but hostile. His heart is always in the right place, uses gentle words that sometimes come off as rude or hurtful..

History: Shadow was one of three pups found on the beach, though basically raised by his brother Rider, Shadow developed his own way of communicating.. He hated using words and rarely ever spoke, the thought of having no parents never bothered him, nor did the fact that he had no friends he loved his solitude and had grown up that way, now as an adult, he doesn't use words unless it is needed
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Max The Gentle Beast
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