A Dog Based RP taking place in the Caribbeans on the island known as Dominica.
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Our Mission and reason for creating this site is to give people a fun and interesting place to RP as well as a place to get away from IRL problems. 


•Provide a fun and exciting environment.

•Have constants RP Plots in play.

•Provide a friendly atmosphere for the members of the site.

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 The Beach

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PostSubject: The Beach   The Beach Icon_minitimeSun Mar 30, 2014 10:34 am

Tundra walked from where the other dogs were. She didn't like their attitudes. As she walked, she ended up following the scent of a beach and the rocky pathway. She went up one tall boulder, and looked out, whining that one of the dogs clawed her side. She thought other canines were nice. She looked out to the lake.

Tundra walked to the beach and swam in the lake. She liked the feeling of water on her fur, washing out the scrape marks of the male dog's claws.

She swam carefree, happy to be away from the others.
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The Beach
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