A Dog Based RP taking place in the Caribbeans on the island known as Dominica.
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Our Mission and reason for creating this site is to give people a fun and interesting place to RP as well as a place to get away from IRL problems. 


•Provide a fun and exciting environment.

•Have constants RP Plots in play.

•Provide a friendly atmosphere for the members of the site.

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PostSubject: Maestro   Maestro Icon_minitimeWed Mar 05, 2014 6:05 pm

Maestro Husky_10

Lifeless, soulless and a straight up cold-heated gal, Maestro is in serious need of mental help. You have to wonder if there even is a heart beating inside her chest; pounding away its cadence. There truly are no limitations to what she’ll let you do to her; say to her. Her body is painlessly wasting away by the second, so why stand still and watch it? Why not do everything you’ve ever wanted to do in life? You could easily think that is a special moral, or quote to be followed. In reality, all she is saying is “Your crimes will be forgotten once you die; by yourself and by the family of the soul you murdered. The ruthless things you have done before you died will all just be diminished by a painful admiration. Or they’ll just foolishly carry that rage with them to their grave.” 

You need to take into account, when teasing, trying to hurt Maestro; that she doesn’t actually care. It is more of a void of nothingness to the world rather a full on feeling of carelessness. Numbness does not accompany her emotionless mind; as said before, she describes it as a void filled with nothing. Only a few emotions grace her head, carelessly thrown around and quickly disregarded as trash that does not pose a threat. Emotions, for Maestro, are like mice; they’ll live for a couple of days and then die. But she doesn’t cry when that tiny bit of emotion leaves her, she doesn’t rejoice either; she simply goes about her day, prancing around and faking appreciation to others. It is just too easy to look at her and feel pity because she is emotionless, feel what she lacks. If you try to comfort, praise, criticize, or do anything that would cause an overwhelming burst of emotion she’ll fake a smile and walk off. 

On first, fleeting, glance of her body you’ll see a perfect mother, embodied in a short coating of a black with a bit of ivory sprinkled about. Somehow an angelic look is given to her; a silver lining to disguise the evil that she carries. Simply stunning to look at, Maestro is a beautiful young lass, seeming to age ever so slowly on the outside. You could either see a young woman, easily disguising herself to fit in with the world, or a pup that needs help to learn the ways of society. Whichever you see—you’re wrong. Maestro has murdered countless animals in unthinkable ways, watched them suffer in pain as she sliced through their throats. And she enjoyed it all. She’ll let you think what you think and be deceived by the pain you withhold in your mind; let you fall victim to a torturer, whether it is her or someone else playing weak mental games.  
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