A Dog Based RP taking place in the Caribbeans on the island known as Dominica.
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Our Mission and reason for creating this site is to give people a fun and interesting place to RP as well as a place to get away from IRL problems. 


•Provide a fun and exciting environment.

•Have constants RP Plots in play.

•Provide a friendly atmosphere for the members of the site.

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PostSubject: Alcides The Unspoken Lead   Alcides The Unspoken Lead Icon_minitimeWed Mar 05, 2014 2:52 am

Alcides The Unspoken Lead Jz7hy0
Name: Alcides

Name Meaning/Origin: Greek meaning Strong and Vigorous 

Age: 4 Years old

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Fur Color: His fur is Black and a deep chocolate red color with 
some tan fur on his thighs as well as near his shoulders and under his belly. 

Eye Color: Deep brown and sometimes a golden brown in the sun light.

Markings: He has the normal German Shepherd Markings such as the saddle back but his swoops down around most of his belly and down his backside to his tail which is completely black. His face also has some black on it. 

Breed of Dog: German Shepherd Dog

Pack (Loner, Rogue): Pack

Rank: Leading Dog

Mate: N/A and is unsure if he wants one.

Offspring: Hmm... Hasn't really crosses his mind.

Parents: His mother still lives and is roughly 8 years old. She helps guide her unspoken son through his leadership role.

Personality: He's not a very outspoken brute. He tends to keep his opinions and thoughts to himself as he sits back and thinks about all that is done and all that is being down. He's a kind brute but does have a mean streak in him if pushed beyond his limits. 

History:  Undecided right now. Will do in Bio.
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